Department Of Mathematics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at DB Pampa College! Established in 1978, we are dedicated to nurturing mathematical minds and fostering a love for the subject. Whether you're a budding mathematician, aspiring educator, or curious about the beauty of numbers, we have something for you.

Our Journey:

  • Inception: Founded in 1978, we introduced the B.Sc. Mathematics program, laying the foundation for a strong mathematical community.
  • Growth: In 1984, we expanded with the M.Sc. Mathematics program, allowing exploration of advanced topics.

Programs and Specializations:

  • Undergraduate: B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics covers calculus, geometry, algebra, and probability theory, nurturing a solid mathematical foundation.
  • Postgraduate: M.Sc. Mathematics offers expertise in abstract algebra, differential equations, and mathematical modeling, guided by dedicated faculty.

Add-On Courses:

 Applied Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Python, Quantitative Techniques in Economics, Quantitative Techniques in Business Studies, Vedic Mathematics, and NET Coaching.

Notable Achievements

  • Dr. Dewadathan, former HOD, chaired the MG University Board of Studies in 2012.
  • Dr. Rajasekharan, former HOD, contributed to the MG University Syndicate, shaping educational policies.

  • Mr. Unni MS, our HOD, is an active member of the PG Board of Studies and the University Senate
  • Our students have cracked the NET examination, showcasing their talent
  • Join us at DB Pampa College Department of Mathematics for an exciting journey where equations come alive, proofs unravel, and discoveries await.


Unni MS


Dr Dhanya Babu 


Dr Deepa S Nair


Dr Lekshmi


Kishor R


Dr. Rimsha H

Guest Lecturer